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    The shops and establishments are registered under the act of Shops & Establishments Act. Every state and Government has its own rules and regulations for the registration of Shops and establishments. According to the act of Shops and Establishment, establishments include commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, and entertainment to which is act applies. And according to this act, shop means premises where goods sold , either in wholesale or retail , service rendered to customer, includes godown, storehouse, warehouse connection with business. If any person wants to start a business in this world , then he / she needs to make a plan for business , type of business , finance needs , requirements for licensing etc. Applicant can follow the procedures for registration of shop and establishment through MeeSeva. MeeSeva provides simple procedures. The procedures for registration of Shops and Establishments through MeeSeva are as follows.

    Every type of business should maintain some records according to their enterprises and Acts. Records to be maintained under the act of shop and establishments are as follows:

    (A) Registers records details of holidays, no of employees, fines, salary, etc. The records also vary from state to state.

    (B) A register of approval from department of labour.

    First Step: Applicant takes an application form for registration of shop and establishment. For this, application has to visit to the nearest centre of MeeSeva centre or on the official website of MeeSeva centre. The link of official website of MeeSeva is given below:

    Second Step: On the given page , there are various services provided my MeeSeva in Telangana are to be given and for downloading application form click on ‘MeeSeva services forms’ option or you can directly go to this page through the below given link:

    Third Step: On the next page, departments name are to be given such as: aadhaar ,aarogyasri, agriculture, CDMA, civil supplies, commissioner ate of industries , Department of Factories etc. for downloading application form of Registration of Establishment, click on the Labor department.

    Fourth Step: In this department, you get an application form of Registration of Establishment, download the application form, and take a print out of form in the prescribed format of A-4 size.

    Fifth Step: After taking print out, fill all necessary details in the application form. All the details to be filled in application form should be correct; because details and spelling you fill in application form will be given in your documents. All the details to be filled in application form should be in capital letters.

    Sixth Step: After filling application form. Attach all the required documents which are mentioned below.

    Seventh Step: Visit to the nearest Meeseva center of your region /district, and submit the application form with documents and some small charges as fee charges. After depositing fee charges for further required processes. Give your details like phone number to the department for providing you information regarding registration of your enterprise and shop. They will give an acknowledge slip.

    Eight Steps: After this, application form with required documents send to the ACL / ALO officers, they will verify your application and documents. If application is accepted / reject, in both the cases applicant will receive a SMS regarding status of his/ her request.

    Ninth Step: If application is accepted then your Establishment will registered. After the prescribed time you will receive your registration certificate of your shop/ Establishment.

    O= Address copy of shop / Establishment.

    O= Recent passport size photograph of Employer.

    O= A copy of proof of opening of shop / establishment.

    O= Photograph of establishment / shop front which shows name board of Establishment / shop.

    You can directly download the application form from the official website of meeseva or from the below given link; you can directly download the application form:

    @= Establishment details
    • Classification of establishment such as proprietor firm, partnership firm etc.
    • Category of establishment
    • Name of shop / establishment
    @= Establishment address
    • Door no
    • Address
    • Locality
    • Village / Town
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Pin code
    • Location 1 of godown , warehouse of enterprise.
    • Location 2 of office , warehouse, godown, workplace attach with shop/ establishment
    • Location 3 of warehouse, office, work place of office situated outside premises.
    @= Employer , managing partner or Managing director as the case may be
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Relationship with applicant
    • Relative’s name
    • Designation
    • Age
    • Gender
    @= Residential address of employer
    • Door no
    • Locality
    • Village / town
    • Mandal
    • District
    • State / UT
    • Pin code
    @= Contact details of employer
    • Mobile no
    • Land line no
    • E- mail ID
    • Fax no
    @= Managing / Agent if any (with residential address)
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Father’s name
    • Door no
    • Locality
    • Village / town
    • Mandal
    • District
    • Pin code
    • State / UT
    • Mobile no
    • Land line no
    • E – mail ID
    • Fax no
    @= Add Family Member
    • Member name
    • Relationship
    • Gender
    • Adult / young person
    @= Business details
    • Nature of business
    • Date of commencement of business
    @= Total number employees
    • Male adults
    • Male young people
    • Female adults
    • Female adults
    • Female young people total employees
    The registration of shops and establishment take 7 days period of time.

    The charges of fee charged of Rs 35 as service charge and statutory charges. There are no statutory charges applicable / charged on the service of Registration of Establishments.

    Applicant for details of centers of meeseva Telangana state, applicant can visit to the below given link:

    For any kind of complaint or help, applicant can also call on call center number: Call center number- 1100

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    Sir,I am raju uploaded my documents in a meeseva 4days back ,how to know the status of my application.just to know the status I am fooled by the local labour officer and forced to pay Rs 1500/-, and thereafter he suggested to go and verify in meeseva
  4. raju

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    please sir provide me help regarding my above query. i am looking to get my reply as soon as possible.
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  5. raju

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    i want to get help through the departmental person. is it possible that they can contact me or you guys can coordinate with them.
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    Better you go to labour department and seek information.
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    I would like to do my business from home, I don't wanted to establish any shop.
    What do I need to select "Category of establishment" in the Labour Registration from.
    Can anyone advise please?

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  8. I Think I want help A public with politics throw because public think I our politics is so nice politics and select a politics. we want help you like you wish
    And public proud of you.
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    We are starting business activity at Telangana state. Can we make Application and upload required docs. for Registration under Shops & Establishment Act.
  10. guest

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    can someone please tell me, if the Shop and Establishment License is required to start an Ayurveda Massage center in Hyderabad? Does this type of Service comes under this Act?
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    I am Santhosh, I want to open small tea stall shop. Is’t want to take permission for GHMC. Kindly let us know the permission is important or not And my location is Hyderabad.

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