FIR and Missing or Lost Documents Complaint Procedure Police Department Telangana State with Application Form Download

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    If any person’s any document / certificate / article is lost, then first he / she has to made a FIR first. Meeseva provides the service of filling FIR. Applicant can also fill its FIR regarding lost documents / articles to through meeseva. There can be so many reasons for losing of documents / articles. The documents / certificate/ articles for which applicant can apply. the articles name are: Transfer certificate , mark sheet of secondary or senior secondary , driving license, aadhar card, PAN card, insurance certificate, share certificate, voter ID card, Vehicle RC, vehicle insurance, vehicle fitness, bond certificate, arm license, credit card, debit card, cell phones. For any of the document // article, applicant can file a FIR. FIR is also made through meeseva. The procedures for applying FIR are given below.

    First step: first applicant has to take an application form. The application form for making FIR, you can visit to the meeseva or downloading the application form from the official website of MeeSeva. The link of MeeSeva website is :
    Second step: click on the link of ‘service forms’ option. The link for directly visiting to the page of MeeSeva service form. the link is given below:
    Third step: from there click on the department of police. And download the application form of lost / missing document / article. And take a print out of the placation form.

    Forth step: fill all the blanks in the application form. Do not leave any blank otherwise your form will be rejected.

    Fifth step: submit the application form to the meeseva centre. From there MeeSeva centre forward your application to the Nodal officer. The Nodal officer verify application and if verify forward to the CI officer.

    Sixth step: when the CI officer verify then he forward it to the SHO officer. And if he verify, forward request again to the CI officer. And the CI officer forwards it to the Nodal officer. And Nodal officer forward it to the SDPO officer for further verification. And when he verify he forward it to the SHO. Then he verify the application and document then he send the approval / rejection to the SDPO and the SDPO sent the status report to the Nodal officer .

    Seventh step: and at last the Nadal officer sends the application / request status to the meeseva and meeseva to the applicant.

    Eight step: after all the above procedures FIR is finally filled.

    The applicant can download the application form of missing / lost of documents / article, the link is:

    The documents to be required at the time of submission of application form for missing / lost document / article are:
    • A written petition by the applicant. It should be hand written.
    • A copy of address proof of applicant.
    • A copy of identity proof of applicant.
    The authorities have the power to give approval for the application is SHO / SDPO / ACP/ SP. These are the authority have the power to approve application request of the applicant.

    The processing time period required for completion of procedures of filling FIR through Meeseva is 21 days.

    The fee is to be charged for the service of filling FIR for missing documents / articles as service charges are RS 35 .and statutory charges are to be stipulated.

    Contact details of meeseva centre, applicant can visit to the below given link. There you get contact details of centre.
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    As a vicinity of national Friendly Policing Services, Hyderabad town Police takes an added breakthrough by launching a Mobile App "Hyderabad town Police-Lost Report" to facilitate voters of Hyderabad town for reportage to police regarding loss of Document(s)/Articles(s) Lost/Missed and getting a report from Police for applying duplicate document(s)/claiming insurance of article(s) lost/missed their Mobiles (Cell Phones).
  4. Rajesh

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    How can we check the status ?
  5. kumar

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    i lost my RC ,went to Meeseva raised fir compliant then they told me to meet chandhanagr police station after 2weeks i met CI in this PS but he is not listen to my words and written false compliant on my meeseva challan and taken he is not listning to my what have to do? how to get my duplicate RC without FIR.....please help me.
  6. i need to know the way to get the information of my application thank you.
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  7. complete registered in the police but no action yet taken.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  8. swamy

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  9. Hi sir
    i lost my mobile phone with sim card model number lenovo A6000 already i complaint police fir but hi saying online apply any lost Items how i get my mobile phone please explain me joi sim card no 7989549062

    Thanks in advance
  10. Malavika

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    I have lost the degree mark card of 1st year how to get duplicate mark card and how to do complaint in online please give me the answer.....
  11. Tushar Baguii

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    My Father named Mr. Jaladhar Bagui, address - 18-8-333 Uppuguda near Mahankali temple, has lost his Aadhaar card when he was in Goa. It is requested to note my report & issue my father a new duplicate Aadhaar Card,
    Please guide.
  12. guest

    guest New Member

    When Police is not believing means, they are expecting money its simple reason.
  13. guest

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    Idiots just tell how to check the status of the lost document complaint registered at Meeseva. You people charge amount but there is only reference no. on the acknowledgement & I can't check the status of that. I already submitted acknowledgement in P.S no response still.
  14. guest

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    1043 for challan and total it costs upto 7000/- including police bribe to get new passport into your hand
  15. guest

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    I lost my passort and paid 1045 as challan in the Meeseava. They have given acknowledgement and it should be approved.
    Who should approve this ?
  16. ShivaN

    ShivaN Guest

    Where to pay this challan 1045 /- ?
    I have paid this challan at MeeSeva. But the Police verification guys want me to pay once again at their office.
  17. guest

    guest New Member

    Mee seva charge more than said fee in the website. To whom should we complain?
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